IP Valuation

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Portfolio-level Analysis

Assess enforceability and impact to portfolio value

Patent-level Risk Analysis

Uncover critical risks for every patent

Supported by venture capital to growth stage and private equity funds

Capture Upside Potential

Applicable Industries
% of portfolio that applies to certain industries
Use Case Sizing
$ size of industries that the portfolio matches

Surface lucrative licensing revenues

Companies that read on the portfolio

Targeted, value creation opportunities

Get easy-to-understand, comprehensive assessment across the portfolio


Dependency on specific market conditions and regulatory changes.

Rapid technological advancements in the battery industry may reduce the patent's lifespan.

28% of patents in portfolio are subject to the Bayh-Dole Act which grants certain irrevocable rights to the federal government.


Strong market demand for advanced battery management systems.

High potential for integration in electric vehicles and renewable energy storage solutions.

Increasing demand for functional applicability across multiple industries. vs Legacy Solutions

Legacy Providers

Portfolio-Level Insights

Holistic analysis, synergy identification

Individual patent focus

AI-powered Analysis

10x more opportunities and risk factors identified

Limited manual analysis, misses critical insights

Cross-Industry Opportunity Identification

All-sector analysis uncovers unexpected application and licensing opportunities

Often sector- or company-specific

Real-time Valuation

Dynamic, market-adaptive valuations

Static, quickly outdated data

Fast, Automated Diligence

90% faster - hours, not weeks for results

Weeks of manual processes

Multi-Factor Valuation Methodology

360° view: Income, market, cost approaches with proprietary algorithms

Academic approach with limited data

Granular Claim Analysis

Programmatic, objective claim-level assessment

Imprecise, high-level patent analysis


Effortlessly analyze 1000s of patents

Partial analysis, limited by human capacity